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Achieve Equine, LLC is the exclusive distributor of VIP Equestrian products in North America.

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Made with the Gold Standard in Human Medical Uses

The Very Important Pad (VIP) is a half pad made with VEteq™, a proprietary viscoelastic polymer. This polymer has been used for over 50 years in human medical settings in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores and ulcers in human patients. The impact protection of this proprietary polymer behaves like fat and skin and doesn’t leak or bottom out under pressure, providing a superior layer of cushioning to the horse’s back.

With a variety of sizes available, the VIP can be used with both English and Western saddles.

Driving over an iPhone protected by the VIP Pad

Proprietary viscoelastic polymer (not gel) conforms to the horse's back

At only 8mm thick, it is not designed to alter saddle fit

Textured structure gives high tensile strength to maintain shape under prolonged compression

Bobbles alleviate pressure points and evenly distribute weight

Soft, flexible and seamless with no pressure causing trims

Doesn't stick, cause friction or pluck hair when removed

Find Your Perfect VIP Size


A scaled down version of the VIP Original Large, the VIP Original Pony has a spine length of 17.5”. It is designed to fit English saddles with seat sizes 15.5” and smaller ponies (11, 12 and 13 hands). 


            With wider tree point coverage than the VIP Original Large and VIP Original Pony sizes, the VIP Original Medium has a spine length of 20” and is designed to fit English saddles with seat sizes 15.5 - 17” and youth Western saddles.


The VIP Original Large has a spine length of 22” and fits most English saddle styles with seat size 17 – 18.5” including dressage, jumping, event, side saddle and polo saddles with a multitude of panel shapes and sizes. On English saddles smaller than 17 inches, the VIP will be large and have a bit of overhang, but that won't affect the way it works.


                With the widest tree point coverage and longest spine length of the VIP Original Pad range, the VIP Original XL/Wide has a spine length of 25” and is designed to fit English saddle seat sizes 18.0" and above and Western saddle seat sizes 15.0" and above. This size works well for very large horses and draft cross breeds, too.

Phillip Dutton's thoughts on the VIP™ Pad

"I’m really excited about the VIP™ Pads. I think the concept is a revolution for horses’ backs and the way that they fit the saddle. There’s nothing worse than a horse having a sore back. I’m lucky to have custom-fitted Antares saddles, but this is an added bonus because your horse’s weight and muscling changes over time. This distributes all of the weight and the concussion evenly across the horse’s back at any given time, no matter any of those changes.⁠ ⁠ The VIP Pad also doesn’t at all affect where you are on the horse because it’s still such a low profile, only 8 millimeters, so it’s not anything different for me in the saddle. It’s been a really great addition to our stable,"⁠ shares Phillip Dutton⁠, seven-time Olympian Eventer.