Jim Chiapetta DVM, JD | Principal 

Riding: I started riding when I was about 12 years old and bought my first horse when I was 16 years old. And then life pulled me in other directions. Finally, after “retirement”, I’m back in the saddle and my horse Gunner is the perfect partner who has been training me in penning and sorting. Together we’re exploring reined cow horse and, hopefully, working equitation - the Portuguese way. 

My Passion: I started out as an equine veterinarian and ended up matriculating through the corporate world of human medical device development. Now, with our Achieve Team, and colleagues from the veterinary and human medical world, I am pursing my passion for exploring and developing new ways to improve equine health and performance. 

Fun Fact: My first pet was a guinea pig named Betsy. Then I bought her mate, Benji. After numerous times of thinking she was going into labor I paid the money to have my local vet to figure out what the problem was. Well, turns out Betsy wasn’t a she and I had long way to go before I was ready to be a repro vet!

Michelle Chiapetta

Michelle Chiapetta | Principal 

Riding: I have loved horses since I was a child but wasn’t able to own a horse until I grew up (if there is such a thing). My current riding partner is an Andalusian mare named Liberty. We enjoy trail riding, dressage, and are open to new adventures. 

My passion for horses makes work into play at Achieve Equine. I’m grateful for our outstanding team and to be able to meet horsemen and women from all over the world. 

Fun Fact: Family lore holds my paternal grandfather’s original ticket out of Norway when he emigrated was on the Titanic! Lucky for me, he found alternate transportation.

Hanna Hartman | Director of Operations

Riding: I will never forget coming home from summer camp as a young girl and meeting the first horse I had growing up - a POA/Appaloosa named "Linka". I got to experience my first 4-H County Fair with her and cherish looking back at those photos! Growing up I showed Western Pleasure and Games. I even did a bit of Intercollegiate Rodeo!

My quarter horse gelding, Playboy CJ "Red", and I currently compete in ranch horse versatility events. Red is a "jack of many trades!" In ranch versatility we get to learn and grow in our skills of cutting cattle, doing reining patterns, refining our ranch riding and maneuvering through trail obstacles. It is a lot of fun!

I really enjoy getting to infuse my love of horses into the work I do at Achieve Equine. 

Fun Fact: When I was a kid, I had a pig and her name was 'Stanley'.

Ann Lutnucki | Annie-thing You Need aka Office Manager

Riding: All my life I have cared for and played with horses – too many to name.

Imagine how exciting it was for me to go to work with the maker of FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips several years ago. I have the pleasure of designing our limited edition Strips.

Fun Fact: My administrative assistant is my 7 lb. terrier, Tonka Toy. He protects all of us at the office from the scary delivery truck drivers.

Aaron Belford | Marketing Manager

Riding: Aaron's journey with horses began at an early age. Growing up, he was actively involved in the dressage showing community, where he honed his equestrian skills and developed a deep appreciation for the discipline.

My Passion: With a professional marketing background that spans various industries, including power sports, cycling, and manufacturing, Aaron brings a unique perspective to Achieve Equine LLC. His expertise in driving growth and fostering innovative solutions is a cornerstone of his work. Aaron's passion lies in blending his business acumen with his love for equines, aiming to contribute significantly to the equestrian world.

Fun Fact: Aaron is an avid traveler outside of work and enjoys exploring new cultures and cuisines. He has a fondness for mountain biking, allowing him to experience the great outdoors and stay active.

Boo | Office Celebrity 

Draft Cross

Everybody loves Boo. He has starred in two small films, one of which premiered at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. Jim's proudest moment was when Boo galloped down the driveway without bucking off his co-star. Like most movie stars, Boo loves attention. But beware, if you get too close, he has been known to empty a glass of wine with one efficient swirl of his tongue. 

Gunner | New Guy on the Block 

Quarter Horse

Gunner has proven to have been sent straight from heaven while he has patiently tolerated his new owner’s missteps along the way. He is a fearless leader when Jim wants to explore or Liberty senses danger. If you ask something of Gunner, he never turns you down.

Liberty "The Mare" | New Gal on the Block


A former resident of Montana, Liberty has transitioned into her Minnesota lifestyle with her herd mates Boo and Gunner. Gunner still could use a lesson or two on how to act around a lady, but Boo continues to have her back as peacekeeper.

Bailey & Nala | Welcome Committee 

Chiweenie & German Shepherd

Jim and Michelle's dogs, Bailey and Nala, are frequent office visitors. Bailey thinks she's the "big dog" while Nala is content to let her believe it. Bailey loves riding on the tractor with Michelle and sneaking into the chicken coop for scraps. Nala loves greeting staff and can often be found perched at the office door hoping to be let inside. This duo has been known to hop into UPS trucks and to resurface with an unsuspecting driver's pizza box. 

Tonka Toy | Assistant Office Admin

Jack Russell/Miniature Pinscher Mix

Ann's sidekick "Tonka" is a dedicated staff member. He can be found buried under a blanket in the crate below Ann's desk or perched in the office window. Tonka often helps Ann make USPS drops. Tonka has an unrequited love for Nala.