Meet April's Horse of the Month


Smarty, a nine-year-old retired Standardbred pacer known as “Awesome Collect” on the racetrack, embodies the spirit of adaptability in his career journey. From harness racing to dressage and from Australia to the United States, Smarty’s willingness to rise to new experiences and talent has shined bright under the care of Lauren Tritton.

Born and bred in Australia, Smarty shares a special bond with Lauren, who trained him for a short period, securing a win and a few placings. After injuries threatened his racing career, the decision was made to pivot towards a new beginning in dressage. 

Smarty's show career was illustrious, never missing a 1st place and securing wins at the most prestigious shows in the country. However, a business decision led Lauren to move to the USA, where unfortunately she couldn’t afford to take Smarty with her, leaving him with his original owners.

Separated for nearly four years, Lauren couldn’t bear the distance any longer. Smarty traveled over 10,000 miles to be reunited with Lauren, reigniting their bond, and continuing his journey as an ambassador for Standardbreds, showcasing his versatility off the track.

Currently training in dressage, Smarty is gearing up to compete at the Standardbred Nationals in August, demonstrating his ongoing commitment to excellence and his remarkable ability to adapt to new challenges.

To Lauren, Smarty is more than a horse; he is a partner, a friend, and a living symbol of resilience, embodying the endless possibilities that lie within every being to excel in new roles beyond their original paths.