Meet the August Horse of the Month

JM Streakin Millie, "Millie"

American Quarter Horse Mare 

JM Streakin Millie, known as “Millie”, was a shy young filly with poor nutrition and small stature in a muddy sale pen. Little did Millie know that a family would arrive take her home and after a few years, turn her into a champion.

It all started when Millie was 2 years old. Karsyn and her family drove to Sturgis South Dakota, not knowing what to expect. They pulled up and Millie was in a small pen with several other horses. She was eating a moldy round bail of cow hay and standing in several feet of mud. The ranch hand got on her back to demonstrate that Millie was sound and sweet, nothing to be afraid of. Karsyn's family thought it would be ok for her to get on and try her out, and even though there wasn’t a spark from the beginning, Millie would later prove herself to be one of the best decisions the family would ever make.

After getting Millie home, a series of event happened that convinced Karsyn and her family that Millie needed to be sent to a trainer, someone with expertise, someone who could help. As a baby, Millie was sweet and willing to do anything you asked, but a strategy needed to be made due to her small stature and lack of proper nutrition as a baby. Millie's dam is Frenchman Holy Sox, and her sire is A Streak Of Fling. Both have Championship titles of their own, so Karsyn hoped for greatness. Was this in the cards for Millie?

Karysyn was able to have Millie sent to a reputable trainer, but after several months in training, it was a mutual decision that Millie would never be the caliber of horse Karsyn wanted. She decided to let the trainer keep Millie for a few more months, trying to sell her where nobody showed much interested in her due to her lack of size. Karsyn didn’t know it then, but there was a deeper reason why Millie never sold. 

Karsyn chose to take a chance and kept her after all. Millie’s feeding program and conditioning programs were developed, and it didn't take long for her to show her true potential. After months of hauling, Karsyn decided to take a chance and take her to the All In barrel race in Stephensville, Texas. That was her tenth barrel racing run ever -- and she did nothing but amaze everyone! At this point, Karsyn knew that she and Millie could go on to win many championships of her own.

The team won 14th out of 615 barrel racers at the 2021 All In Barrel Race, then earned the title of 2D Open Champions at the Jeff Myers Memorial rodeo, the 2023 NFR Young Guns Champion title, and numerous 2D year-end titles. Today Karsyn considers this mare to be a huge part of her future career. Millie has taught Karsyn so much, and Karsyn will forever be grateful for her special mare Millie.

JM Streakin Millie