Meet the January Horse of the Month

Boston Flagship

Jockey Club Name: Boston Flagship
Owner: Bennett Adkins

Boston is an off-track thoroughbred who competed in dressage at the 2022 Thoroughbred Makeover with #flairambassador Bennett Adkins.

“Boston Flagship, “Bruin”, was named from the Boston Bruins hockey team to give homage to his Jockey Club name.

Bruin was in the Margaux Farm Rehabilitation Program in Midway, KY, after his two starts in his racing career. Here is where I met him and brought him home to become my next future eventing partner!

Getting to meet and begin our journey together at the end of Bruin’s two-year-old year has been very special for me! Considering his age, I’ve taken my time to give his body time to grow. This allowed me to enjoy a leisurely partnership including a lot of exposure elements to let him dip his toes into the sport horse industry without having to worry about anything physically demanding on his body.

Bruin is a very athletic horse with a personality that reflects this with expressive movement and demeanor! I’ve focused on simply developing our bond and relationship while showing him that the sport horse lifestyle is a lot of fun!

The amount of care Boston Flagship’s previous connections gave him was evident since the beginning! The connections did more than their due diligence to set him up for success in his future post-racing career and ensure he had a soft landing. I’m honored to have been trusted with showing him his second career!

Though short, Boston Flagship’s racing career made my job much easier as he already knew so many skills on the ground and under saddle! With all this experience from his past career, he could transition to my barn and go to work seamlessly. His past career showed Boston Flagship what it’s like to be an athlete and gave him the drive to want to succeed, which has also transferred into his sport horse career!”

Boston Flagship, January 2023 Horse of the Month

Photo Credit: Canter Clix