How it started... 

Jim Chiapetta and Ed Blach began developing FLAIR® Equine Nasal Strips in the mid 1990’s, as a result of their experiences as equine veterinarians. For years, the duo witnessed that working horses experienced a collapse of their nasal passages when breathing in during exercise. A basic understanding of airflow dynamics helped them appreciate that partial collapse or narrowing of the nasal passages which occurs during exercise increases resistance to airflow into the lungs when oxygen is needed most.

They wondered if it was possible to improve airflow in the horse by applying an external nasal passage support similar to the BreatheRight® strip used by human athletes. A review of the equine research literature revealed a void in knowledge regarding the role of the nasal passages in horses’ breathing and respiratory health. This caused them to begin designing and testing equine nasal strips until they had a product that improved airflow, was safe to use and easy to apply.

Now, over 20 years later, we are pleased that Jim and Ed’s initial “what if” questions have provoked significant University and private clinical research. More than seven clinical studies, several physiology and veterinary textbook articles, numerous symposia, presentations, discussions and debates confirm their original hypothesis. The Strips are proven to make breathing easier, reduce fatigue, conserve energy, quicken recovery and decrease lung bleeding. In addition, further ongoing studies have identified the role the nasal passages play in other upper airway conditions not previously understood.


Meet Achieve Equine, formerly Flair, LLC.

We were exploring how Flair, LLC could have a greater impact on serving the needs of horse and rider. Our continuing goal is to deliver innovative, safe, and effective equine products for the welfare of the horse like FLAIR Equine Nasal Strips, to fulfill those needs.

To reinforce our commitment, in December 2020 we changed our name from Flair, LLC to Achieve Equine, LLC.

That same month, we launched distribution of VIP Equestrian’s products in North America. In 2022, Achieve Equine launched distribution of Iconic Equestrian’s products to the North American market.

At Achieve Equine, we believe in developing impactful and long-lasting relationships. We deliver innovative, functional, high performing products to support the health and safety of horse and rider.

Achieve Equine is located near Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the pastures are green and innovation is intentional. Our passion is horses. Our culture is built on relationships, data and a “get it done” attitude. Our team is kind, dependable, and knowledgeable.