Meet the February Horse of the Month

Walking in Memphis

Name: Walking in Memphis, “Joey”
8-year-old American Warmblood Gelding
Owner: Stina Thakor

Last year, Joey’s “Rescue to Ribbons” story was featured in The Chronicle of The Horse >

“Joey is an 8-year-old American Warmblood named after the horse in the film War Horse. At only 2 ½ years old, he found himself at an auction house set to ship for slaughter severely underweight and with significant dental trauma that would eventually require surgery to remove his left front tooth. He was rescued and rehabbed wonderfully and slowly by his first known owner.

When Joey was rescued, he was in rough shape. He appeared unhandled at the auction and had to be chased into the trailer. It took several months of recovery before he was sent to be started under saddle (basic 30-day program). In total, he was with Tara, the woman who rescued him, about 2 1/2 years. In that time, he had some basic dressage and jumping training as well as some exposure to trail riding. Being young and green, Tara decided he would do best in a regular program and sent him to a local trainer to be sold. My trainer found him there in the spring of 2020.

We purchased Joey in 2020 right before he turned 6 as a green hunter prospect. When Joey came to us, he was still very green and not totally aware of all of his body parts, but he was as sweet as they come and he tried really hard to please. He’s always had a great attitude and he’s very brave. He was jumping cross rails with simple changes when we got him. He’s really matured this last year and now he’s quite confident and hunts the jumps. He has shown in numerous championships in the 2′-2’6″ hunters, ending as the MHJA year-end champion the last two years. He is now ready to step up to the 3′ hunters in his third year of showing.

Despite his hardships Joey is the sweetest, goofiest horse you will ever meet. He remembers his trainer from Kansas, even though he was only with her a few months. She was at a local show last summer, and while I was walking Joey in the schooling ring he stopped, turned, and walked straight over to her and put his head right in her face. I was trying to apologize until I realized who it was, and she just kept laughing. He even lets my 4-year-old daughter ride him. Ultimately, he’s a big kid that loves getting into everything he shouldn’t, which also makes him quite accident prone. After such a rough start, I’m constantly amazed at how kind and forgiving Joey chooses to be. He just seems grateful. He got very lucky to have a strong network of loving people who helped give him a second chance.”

Walking in Memphis

Walking in Memphis, March Horse of the Month