Half Pads

VIP™ Half Pads are made with VEteq™, a proprietary viscoelastic polymer. This polymer has been used for over 50 years in human medical settings in the prevention and treatment of pressure sores and ulcers in human patients. The impact protection of this proprietary polymer behaves like fat and skin and doesn’t leak or bottom out under pressure, providing a superior layer of cushioning to the horse’s back. Read VIP Reviews here.

With a variety of sizes available, the VIP can be used with both English and Western saddles.

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    Blue VIP Original Large Half Pad Blue VIP Original Large Half Pad on a horse

    VIP Equestrian™

    Blue VIP™ Original Half Pad

    If you've been eyeing a VIP™ Original Half Pad in blue, snag yours now before this color of VIP Pad is no longer available! Cover is automatically added to cart during checkout. Features Bobbles™ Surface alleviates pressure points and...
    MSRP: $179.95
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    EQ20 Pad EQ20 Pad
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    VIP Equestrian™

    VIP™ EQ Rectangular Pad

    The EQ Range is a simplified version of the VIP™ Original Half Pad. It is a rectangle shape, is flat, and has no Bobbles™ Surface or clear gullet.  This is a versatile pad that can fit any style of saddle, but it will alter saddle fit...
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