Alex Hanson

Barrel Racer

“I use FLAIR® Strips to give my horses every opportunity to perform their best. Two of my horses are bleeders and I want to set them up for success the best I can, and I know I am providing them with that when I use FLAIR Strips. Alberta summers get very dry, and the horses tend to work up some allergies and coughs, but I am confident they can still perform to their full potential with the help of FLAIR Strips.”

Alex is a semiprofessional Canadian barrel racer. She started out her career as a show jumper but swiftly switched over to barrel racing without looking back. She has been competing at the semiprofessional level in the Canadian Cowboys Association since 2013. She is on the CCA Board of Directors and is still very much involved in local events as well as being a card holder in the Canadian Professional Rodeo Association, the Chinook Rodeo Association, and the Manitoba Rodeo Cowboys Association.