Kim Worley


Kimberley Worley

Mounted Shooter

“I am a true believer in FLAIR® strips and I have been quick to promote the product ever since I started using them. In addition, I have clear visible evidence of the difference it has made. Countless people have come up to me to ask about them, as well as ask if this is what “changed my horse” for the better. So many noticed the previous struggle my horse had to catch her breath and have commented on how the FLAIR Strips have helped her breathing, her recovery, the way it has smoothed her gait out, and the best part – how much faster she is!!”

Kimberley is a dedicated mounted shooter from a small town in Oregon. When she’s not atop her horse practicing, she can be found in the classroom teaching.  Kimberley, her husband, and her daughter are all avid mounted shooters and can be found daily in their arena shooting balloons and working horses.  The community knows when they hear gunfire that the Worley’s are practicing. The trio travel all over the Western United States competing in the sport. In 2019, they were voted Family of the Year for their region in the CMSA – this is an award that is nominated and voted on by fellow members in the association.  Kimberley’s goal this 2023 season is to compete in both the CMSA (Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association) and the USMS (US Mounted Shooting) as well as local non-association jackpots all over the Western United States.