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VIP™ EQ Rectangular Pad

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The EQ Range is a simplified version of the VIP™ Original Half Pad. It is a rectangle shape, is flat, and has no Bobbles™ Surface or clear gullet. 

This is a versatile pad that can fit any style of saddle, but it will alter saddle fit. It can be folded and used under a roller for lunging exercises. 


VIP Pads are made with a unique polymer called VEteq™. It is not a gel. This material is a unique, viscoelastic polymer that was designed over 50 years ago to prevent and treat pressure sores and ulcers in human medical settings. Rigorously tested worldwide in peer reviewed research, this polymer is the universal gold standard in impact protection. The material behaves like fat and skin and doesn't leak or bottom out under pressure, providing a layer of cushioning to the horse's back.


The EQ20 Pad is rectangular and measures 20"x24".

VIP™ EQ Rectangular Pad


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